Sunday, July 28, 2013

The kitten that walked in from the Woods

Two days ago a black kitten came to La Chaise, walked in off the road and said – in kitten speak – I think I shall live here. That is:  it allowed itself to be picked up and stroked, made little near-purring noises, accepted some cat croquettes, even put up with (H)aska's sniffing. It very soon showed that it was house-trained and it wore an anti-flea collar of some recent date. However the vet confirmed it had had not been pucé. (The word means both micro-chip and flea in French.) This would have allowed it's owners to be found.

Do you like me?

As I write there is still a slight battle of territorial wills going on between the distinguished First Feline, a.k.a Cha-Cha who deigns to live with Audrey and Alexandre. But kitten is being respectful and Cha-Cha is condescending. Meanwhile, what to do?

We do not need a second mouser at La Chaise, between them Cha-Cha and the Rat-Catcher's Daughter deal with that problem. We (I) certainly do not wish to have cat hairs anywhere on the furniture, nor cat claws sharpening themslves on chair legs. And I do not want it to install itself in the gîtes – one load of kittens behind the bathroom chimney is enough.

Audrey put a note on the French for sale/want web site, En Bon Coin, with one response. I sent a note on the anglophone electronic telegraph with similar result, one response. Neither respondent has yet (Sunday evening) followed up their initial interest by promising to take the kitten which is busy making itself at home.

A Kitten could get used to living here

We are asking ourselves how it came to be on the main road in front of La Chaise. It could be lost, be too young to find its way home – that, after all is how we came by Elvis-Non, the terrible hole digging terrier cross breed. Or, sadly, it could have been abandoned by its owners, left to fend for itself whilst they went on holiday. Hopefully with a plentiful supply of croquettes that automatically replenish the bowl, also clean water. More likely not.

One last hope: Monday morning I shall telephone the nearest cattery, a boarding house for cats called 'ChatPacha' and see if anyone has called the owners to enquire about missing kittens. If not, sadly, kitten will have to go – with dowry - to the 'Societe pour le Protection des Animaux' . I do not know how long it will be kept there.

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