Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Toad in the Pool, the Crocus in the Grass.

 By skilful manipulation of the pool skimmer - handle some three metres long -   I managed to save a small toad from drowning.   That is two lives saved in less than two days.  The other, a froglet, was in a skimmer with a dopey lizard which I hope revived.

But a toad in the pool is hardly surprising, the toad and frog pool is nearly dried up despite storm rains and because of the ridiculous weather we having been experiencing in the Dordogne this summer.

Below however is absurd, possibly worrying, possibly related.

This is the first autumn crocus of the year - seen on August 20th and not  usually expected before mid September.   They are emerging fast everywhere.

I do not know what the weather gods are taking but their behaviour is most erratic.   We are all hoping that they will soon settle down to more adult, reasonable behaviour pattern

After all the current crop of weather gods  started life at the millenium so are no longer teenagers. They have reached their 20's and should begin to behave. 

But that is me, talking like the old lady that I am.   I look back at my early twenties and cringe.   I fear we shall be living in interesting climate times for a few years yet.