Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Desperately searching for the flea...

 The other morning I woke up - irritable and irritated - even though it had seemed an ordinary night. My restless hands then found the problem - something had bitten me during the night, there were large, red, itchy patches on the front of my thighs.  Adult discipline stopped me scratching them raw but it took me a while to remember that - hopefuly - I had a child's remedy in the bathroom cupboard.   I did, Apaiysil Baby soothed the redness. 

Despite an excellent yesterday's egg from the chickens, even a reasonable cup of (decaf - sigh) coffee and proper toast, I did not recover my good  humour and rather hid from people - not that there were any around.

           Eventually I overcame my shame and asked Stephanie what could possibly have                     inflicted such  horridness on me.   She looked and very kindly did not laugh.

          A flea, she said - it was a flea.  Then she told me what I had to do....

         First I had to wash the sheets at 60 C for a long cycle...OK but the sheets were large and           the washer could not cope efficiently with more that one sheet at a time......

        So one sheet duly went into the washer at full strength for over an hour.   The other I                 decided to put into the dryer for a long cycle with the pillow cases. The blankets, heavy             duty wollen, posed more of a problem.   The answer was the washing line and a child's             tennis raquet and my strong (huh) right arm.

        The spots are still there but no longer itch - nor have they increased in number - but I am         still embarassed... still wondering where the flea came from...no indoor domestic animals.



e dryer           





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