Monday, September 19, 2016

Return of the Slugs

At last the rains came!  They came at intervals, noisily, but little and to little
effect. Except, of course, being unpredictable, many people and things got unexpectedly wet.  Washing and drying cushions of thoroughly soaked outdoor furniture is no joke.   But, I suspect, if I had not left it outside - as a sacrifice,you understand - we might not have had any rain at all.

In all, over the last week, we have been blessed by about 20mm of rainwater - different parts of the county had more or less.  But the downpours have uplifted the spirits of people, birds, and slugs.

People and slugs have the same interest - the imminent arrival, should the weather warm the soil again, of boletus edulis,  or any other form of  edible boletus.   I found a first one, it looked like a proper bolet until I grabbed its stem.  This went bright blue.   To be avoided.
and I barely touched it, honest!

It is as though the slugs came down with the rain.  They were everywhere in the woods - not crossing the open, grassy spaces but staying under the trees.   Perhaps because the buzzards like a slug or two?   We have a couple of noisy pairs in the valley.

The song birds, too, revived with the wet.    Possibly because the wet brought with it, let's say revived, insect life. Just flies, the odd ant, and some rather dopey moths.   I rescued two tiger moths from the swimming pool - alive. I even rescued a couple of crickets and a wasp.  There is still no apparent return of the vespidae family.

But the slug are happy, finding toadstools, and friends.    Here is the beginning of a promising relationship.

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