Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Male on notice

Small triumph with chickens - sometimes things go nearly right. Below a picture of proud father with his two wives and their four children. Four chicks is rather a poor yield for one cockerel with four always in such matters, it will be easiest to change the male. 

A proud father, his wives and offspring       

 Gallantly Audrey and Alexandre have assumed responsibility, arguing that it was their mismanagement of the broody hens and the persistence of the other two hens in laying next to them. I don't know - but the cockerel has been warned.  

Meanwhile the 'auntie' hens have been laying away.  Fortunately (H)aska the dog discovered where they were laying and showed A&A before eating the addled eggs.   It looks as though some period confined to hen barracks is on the cards for all.  

And this time the cockerel would be the winner, for the three junior hens would be added to his hareem.

As I said, sometimes things go nearly right - or so it seems.

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