Sunday, June 30, 2013

On holiday - for real.

One thousand, five hundred pages of printed text, divided over three paperbacks, some newsprint, some newspapers online and various random items of information – that is what I have read in the last four days
I have sat in the sun and seen a most beautiful garden, ignored the few weeds.

I have lived in an apartment and subconsciously noticed 'things that should be done' and dismissed them from my mind.

I have done a little food shopping but have not cooked.

I have sat and admired a pool and not checked the filters or the temperature. I might even have swum had I the foresight to bring a costume.

I have had enjoyable conversations over glasses of wine and fine food (too much, too often) with solicitous hosts and interesting people I had not (consciously) met before.

I have seen Montgo, the last spur of the Cordillera Prebética range in Alicante province before it descends into the sea. All of 753 metres high, there is an alarming hole with horizontal fault line near the top.

I have slept as I have never slept before. I am on holiday. A strange and wonderful sensation that I wish for all visitors to La Chaise, always.

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